Applying for an AHNA Research Grant

Research Grants are available to current AHNA members who are conducting holistic nursing research and have been members of AHNA for at least one year. Eligibility includes doctoral students who wish to apply for funds to support their research.

Application Procedures

The AHNA is offering a competitive research grant for $5000.

Applicants for the grant must submit a research proposal* (3-5 pages) that includes:

1. Cover letter Checklist including: Complete contact information for the applicant, member ID number and expiration date** and biosketch

Download Checklist
Download Biosketch

2. The proposal organized according to the guidelines.

3. Budget: Grant proposal budgets should be appropriate for AHNA level of funding, i.e. moderate in scope, able to be completed in 1- 2.

Download Budget Form

Completion of the AHNA Awards Nomination/Application Form 

5. Doctoral student applicants only: Please enclose a letter from your Dissertation Committee Chair stating that they have reviewed your application and approved its submission for this grant.

* Proposal must be properly formatted: Your application will be blinded for review. Your application must be in word format; do not send pdf files. Do not "track changes" in your document. Please use a plain header with page numbers only.

Please e-mail completed application to by February 15th of the year the grant is awarded.

Selection Process

Grants are competitive and are awarded through the AHNA Research Committee. All applications and proposals are reviewed by the AHNA Research Committee members or designees of the subcommittee chair for grants who is appointed by the Research Committee Chair and the Board of Directors of AHNA.

Grant Awards

The amount of the award will vary from year to year. This award is supported by individual and group donations through AHNA’s Research Fund.

Those receiving the AHNA research grant funds are required to submit a progress report on an annual basis with a final report at the conclusion of the study and maintain a current membership with AHNA. Recipients are encouraged to attend the national AHNA conference to receive their awards. Winners are also encouraged to attend a subsequent conference to present their research findings, and are encouraged to publish the results of their work.

For questions contact:

Marty Downey

AHNA Research Committee Chair

**Your member ID number and expiration date can be found in My Profile.


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