Directions for Using AHNA’s Discussion Forum

How is the Forum set up?

We’ve set up five discussion groups to start: General, For Network Leaders, Holistic Nursing Research, Education, and Private Practice.

Within these groups, there are 7 forums or broad discussion areas which contain threads on specific subjects. You can respond to these specific threads/subjects with a posting, or create a new thread - on a new subject. Current forums include:

  • General Questions & Comments
  • Network Events
  • Research Grant Applications
  • Latest Research Findings
  • AHNA Research Collaborative
  • Holistic Nursing Education
  • Starting a Private Practice

Getting Started 

Before using the Discussion Forum, you may want to edit your user settings by clicking My Settings above the Forum template. When you reach the screen, all sections but the general information section will be collapsed. You can expand any of the sections by clicking the + sign located next to each section heading. 

General Information

This section is not editable from this screen, as it is taken from your Member Profile. 

User Profile

This area is displayed to other users who wish to view your profile, which they can do by clicking on your user name within a post. In this section, you can choose to have your email displayed by checking the Display Email Address box. The next 4 lines give you an opportunity to list your Instant Messenger contact information. You can also list your occupation and interests if you so desire. 

User Settings

This section is your viewing preferences. By default, you are able to view all the groups in the initial forum template. The threads and posts per page indicates how many of these you will be able to view at one time. More importantly, you can add a signature line or closing message to each of your posts in the next box. And the Avatar box allows you to upload an image to display in the header of each of your posts.


This section allows you to set your email notification preferences. You can choose to receive emails from any or all groups or forums. Simply check the appropriate box.

Using the Discussion Forum

To view postings within a forum:

1. Scroll down to view forums
2. Click on the name of the forum
3. Scroll down to view the list of threads
4. Click on the subject line of the post you are interested in viewing
5. If you wish to reply, click on Reply
6. Type your response in the text box
7. Click submit on the bottom of the page when you are ready to post 

Creating a New Thread

To create a new thread (or subject dialogue):
1. Click on the name of the forum
2. View the list of threads
3. If you wish to begin a new subject dialogue, click on New Thread
4. Fill out the subject line (just as you would an e-mail subject line)
5. Type your message in the text box
6. Click submit on the bottom of the page when you are ready to post

If you would like to see a new group or forum added, please contact


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