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Don’t Burn Out – Discover Self-Care and Self-Awareness

Self-awareness through meditation is core to stress management. Research has shown that reduction of stress is strongly related to increased job satisfaction. (Carla Mariano “The Nursing Shortage: Is Stress Management the Answer?” JHN Winter 2007).

AHNA provides many self-care choices for members who empower each other to be what we wish for our patients/clients—healthy.

What is Self-Care? 

Focusing on care of self and self-healing [is] essential to caring for others.

Gayle Kipnis: Integrating Holism into the Hospital to Reduce Nursing Turnover, thesis for University of New Mexico, 2007

Self-care comprises those activities performed independently by an individual to promote and maintain personal well-being throughout life.

Dorothea Orem, RN, BSN, MNE

Self-care is…

  • body: exercise, grooming, massages, breathing, yoga, conscious eating
  • mind: quiet contemplation, meditation, focusing on the moment, healing music, laughter
  • spirit: meditation and prayer, reading spiritual literature, listing positive things in your life, random acts of kindness

Is AHNA the Answer to the Nursing Crisis?

Here’s why we say yes!

Burnout is a major issue for those in the healthcare professions and can lead to:

  • Depression & physical illness
  • Low morale & internalizing
  • Feelings of incompetence & hopelessness
  • Bitterness & anger
  • Difficulties in one’s home life
  • Absenteeism & staff turnover
  • Substance abuse

Self-care results in the empowerment of nurses to take a more assertive role and to have their voices heard regarding the practice environment. (Carla Mariano, Stress Management article, Winter 2007)

  • The AHNA grew out of the need to heal the healer and prevent nursing burn-out
  • Nursing is a profession with substantial pressure; the AHNA is an organization addressing the needs of the nurse
    • Holistic Nursing is one of the only nursing professions with self-care at its theoretical foundation
    • Self-care is holism; being aware of mind-body-spirit as one
    • Self-care includes holistic self-assessment, personal development, awareness of being instruments of healing
    • Holistic nursing creates the foundation for others to heal
  • The public demands alternatives to conventional healthcare: holistic health is the answer
  • Holistic Nursing is about Caring (Jean Watson Theory “Caritas” link)
  • Nursing was founded on holism—Florence Nightingale was among the first holistic nurses
  • Holistic nursing has core values, standards, objectives and guidelines: AHNA Holistic Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice
  • Holistic Nursing is recognized as a specialty by the ANA



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