How to Activate Your Account if You Are 
 Already an AHNA Member

Step 1 – Find “Activate My Member Account”
From any Web site page, hover your cursor over Membership on the left side of your screen. A drop down menu will appear.  Move your cursor to “Activate My Member Account,” and click.  You'll be taken to a page entitled "Creating a New User Account."

Step 2 – Activate Your Account
On the "Creating a New User Account" page you will be asked to enter your e-mail address. Please be sure to use the e-mail address we have on file.  If we can find your record, we will e-mail you a link to activate your member account.  This link will take you directly to "Update Your Profile." 

Step 3 – Update Your Contact Information & Create a Login and Password
On Update Your Profile, you will be asked to update your contact information and create a Web Login & Password.  Please commit these to memory!  Every time you log on to the Web site, you will need your login and password.  When finished, you will be directed to your Member Profile. 

Step 4 – My Profile
You will be directed to "My Profile," where you will see a screen that has several blocks of information about you.  Here you can add other street addresses, e-mail addresses and phone numbers as well as change the way your information appears in the searchable Member Directory.

For example, if your last name changes, you can click on the Name tab at the top of the screen, update your information, and click on Save Your Changes

To add a business address to your profile, click on the Address tab at the top of the screen.  When the new screen appears, click on Add New Record.  A new screen will give you options: you can add a business address and designate that address to be your primary address.  To change your primary address, click on the pencil (below Edit) and a screen with your primary address information will appear.  Simply make the changes, and then click Update.

Okay, now you have access to all the features of the Web site. Remember, you can access and update your profile whenever you want or need to!


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