AHNA Annual Conference
The AHNA Annual Conference is a gathering of approximately 500 holistic nursing professionals from across the country, with growing international attendance from Canada, Japan, China and Jamaica. This annual event is one of the largest and most valuable conferences dedicated to bringing together nurses who share a passion for holistic healing.

The AHNA Annual Conference offers six days of top-notch continuing education workshops, industry-leading keynote speakers, networking with fellow holistic nurses, an exhibit hall filled with vendors offering the latest products and services to complement your daily practice, and time to nurture yourself and your connection to holism in an environment primed with energy and support of fellow healers.

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The purpose of this conference is to enable participants to integrate the skills, concepts and knowledge of the science of health and wellness into innovative, transcendent models of healthcare, grounded in the philosophy of holism.

Twenty-first century healthcare presents an opportunity to not only transform current, largely ineffective illness models of care, but to transcend these, shifting attention toward a focus on health, wellness and well-being. This dramatic paradigm shift requires healthcare practitioners that are innovative, willing to envision possibility and committed to the caring foundation from which all healthcare must rise. Seminal among these healthcare practitioners are 21st century Holistic Nurses. 

Holistic Nurses are ‘grounded-visionaries’. Experts in the science of health and wellness, Holistic Nurses use evidence-based holistic and conventional nursing interventions in an integrated practice, applied within the context of Holistic Nursing core values. Through the integration of science, theory and the art of caring, Holistic Nurses support people on their healing journey.

During this conference, participants will explore the 21st century Holistic Nurse. Educational sessions will include a myriad of opportunities for all Holistic Nurses to consider in the shaping of 21st century healthcare. 

Ideas about innovative models of care, strategic resource management, mindful use of technology, interprofessional collaboration, diversity within the healthcare team, and enhancing the consumer’s ability to have voice in their care are among the topics that will be offered. Holistic self-development continues as integral to Holistic Nurse self-care. 

During this conference, a forum will be created where Holistic Nurses can dialogue about professional practice issues such as Advanced Holistic Nursing Practice, Educational and Legislative mandates, and barriers to Holistic Nurses practicing to the full extent of their education and training.

Conference Objectives
1.  Examine the concepts of the science of health and wellness. 

2. Explore the Holistic Nursing Scope & Standards of Professional Practice and the Holistic Nursing Core Values within the science of health and wellness.

3. Value the importance of holism as the foundation for the transformation and transcendence of contemporary healthcare models.

4. Create a forum to dialogue about professional practice issues and the opportunities and barriers for all Holistic Nurses to practice to the full extent of their education and training.

5. Explore innovative models of healthcare.

6. Discuss strategies designed to enhance resource utilization and the mindful use of technology to promote positive healthcare outcomes.

7. Compare and contrast evidence-based and evidence-informed integrated practices.

8. Promote the development of an interprofessional network of healthcare practitioners committed to 21st century healthcare transformation and transcendence.

9. Examine educational and legislative implications aligned with the paradigm shift toward health and wellness. 

10. Explore your role as a 21st century Holistic Nurse, a ‘grounded-visionary’, committed to reshaping health and wellness.

11. Develop a personal action plan to contribute to the transformation and transcendence of healthcare in the 21st century.

12. Engage in self-reflection to discover and appreciate the importance of your personal holistic self-development.

This conference will explore possibilities for nurses to deepen their influence in all healthcare settings, provide information on the role of nurses in the Affordable Care Act and point to innovative strategies for transforming nursing practice.

Topics are diverse and will appeal to nurses who practice in clinical settings, education, administration and research...those who seek self-care strategies...those who seek personal and professional development.

The sessions include offerings at the basic, intermediate and advanced level of practice.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from each other and meet many new friends along the way.


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